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Awa African Hair Braiding riverdale ga  salon for authentic African hair braiding. We specialize in: Micro Braids, Bobs, Individual Braids("Box Braids"), Cornrows, Goddess Braids, tree braid kinki twist ,Senegalese Twists, Flat Twists, Casamas Braids, & Hair Weaving. Come, let us give you the braids that are "Fit For a Queen". 17 year experienced braider awa hair braiding are dedicated to serving our community and bringing out you african heritage .We come from senegal west africa to introduce you to the true beauty and art of africa 
Call for your appointment  we understand the economic is bad so why pay more  come and get the best braid for less
faux lock 220 with yarn
individual 180 mid back
med box 160
micro 160
conrow 100
micro twist 160
tree braid 150 body wave
 invisible braid 130
deep wave tree braid 160
conrow 130
mohawk 80 twist top
yarn braid 200
yarn twist 130
yarn bob 130
tree braid 160 with hair body wave 18''
tree braid 150 with hair body wave 14''
box braid 160 with hair
conrow micro 160
long micro/senegalaise twist 220
individual conrow 140
indivudual twist 180
long senegalaise twist 200
fat twist 160
tree braid w/hair150
fat twist 160
box braid 150
invisible braid 160
micro/senegalais twist 170
individual braid 180
conrow with box 140
mohawk weave 80
havana twist 150 with hair
22'' micro 200
small box/individual 200
here is the length  before the updo
micro/sengalais twist 160
mohawk 80
indivual twist 160
micro twist 180
conrow 70
micrp deep wave 160
individual twist 160
two tone color individual braid 
long micro with 22'' hair 200 with the hair
genie lock 180 with hair 
micro deep wave 160 with hair
half conrow twist 140 with hair
invisible loose deep 160 with hair
micro individual 160 with hair
micro wet and wave 160 with hair
long micro with 22'' hair 200 with hair
long micro loose wave with 22'' hair 200 with hair
box braid 140 with the hair
Micro humain hair 160
micro twist or senegalais twist 180 mid back 160 regular
invisible bab 160 with the hair
tree braid 120 ur hair 150 i provide it
conrow 90
senegalais twist 160
tree braid 150 with hair 120 without
fat with 130
loose deep invisible 160
half micro half weave 130 without the hair
mohawk 80
long micro 22'' hair 200 with the hair
individal conrow 130
african pony micro 160 with the hair
long fat twist 160

feading conrow $80
ghana braid 60
conrow 70
senegalaise twist 160 with the hair
tree braid 120 without hair 150 with the hair
senegalais twist 160 with the hair
invisible braid 130 without hair 160 with the hair

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